Help for Front Line Staff

3D Labs in Kaiapoi part of the Techmedics Group is using its resources to help front line staff stay safe.

We are using our skills with 3D printing to produce a range of helpful aids in stopping the spread of Covid19.

Help with Modern Thinking

3D Labs has been accepted as part of the global community 3D Printing initiative to produce aids that will help the front line staff who are currently working hard to stop the transmission of this virus at a community level

Surgical Mask Strap

This strap is printed using either TPU flex or PLA+ (Rigid) materials. The idea behind this is the surgical masks used by front line workers during this pandemic have the ability to become uncomfortable during long term use with the elastic rubbing on the back of the ear causing irritation, this strap will eliminate this by taking the elastic straps and holding them behind the head.

These surgical mask straps come as a pair for $1.50 per pair made in TPU (flexible) or $1.00 per pair made in PLA+ (Rigid)


Currently there is a mass shortage of PPE or personal protective equipment and we are here to help in 
North Canterbury.

Whether you are in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Oxford or further afield we want to do our part in giving front line support workers including first responders some peace of mind to help in stopping transmission.

We are current 3D Printing the head bands for the Personal Protection Shield.
 These Shields including the visor, freight, power and materials cost us approx $12 each to make and if anyone would like to help out with a donation for the purchase of raw materials this would be fantastic.

Our goal is to give these Shields away but at this stage we are asking for just the cost per shield so we can reinvest in more materials to make more shields.

If you wish to make a donation please see our give a little page:
If you also wish to purchase these shields then please also email us and one of our staff will contact you.

Images borrowed from Prusa 3D printers and 3D Printed Face Shields New Zealand

global presence

Covid 19 is a global problem and every little bit helps

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